Empowering Dental Professionals and Laboratories

Revolutionizing Dental Connections for Brighter Smiles in the MENA Region.


Streamlining Dental Collaboration and Excellence

Udenz Lab is a cutting-edge platform designed to foster seamless communication and collaboration between dental professionals and dental laboratories in the MENA Region. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Udenz Lab streamlines the dental workflow, ensuring efficient and effective interactions between practitioners and labs. From quote submission and secure image sharing to job progress tracking and payment processing, Udenz Lab empowers dental professionals with the tools they need to enhance their practice. By providing a centralized platform for streamlined communication, Udenz Lab aims to revolutionize dental connections, ultimately delivering brighter smiles and superior patient care.


Uniting Smiles, Streamlining Care

Quote Submission and Management

Submit and manage quotes for dental laboratory services, streamlining the collaboration process.

Secure Image Sharing

Securely share patient images and records with dental laboratories for precise treatment planning.

Secure Messaging

Communicate seamlessly, ensuring clear instructions and efficient updates on patient cases.

Job Progress Tracking

Dentists track the progress of their cases in real-time, ensuring timely completion and delivery of dental restorations.

Payment Processing

Conveniently process payments for dental laboratory services directly within the app, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.

Review and Rating System

Dentists can provide valuable feedback and rate dental laboratory services, enhancing service quality and transparency.


Receive real-time notifications on case updates, messages, and important platform announcements.

Dispute Resolution Center

A dedicated platform to handle disputes, ensuring fair and efficient resolution for any unforeseen issues.

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